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Clarifi: For students who want to boost their focus & independence

Clarifi is an evidence-based homework tool built in the form of a desktop application.

Students get more homework completed. More independently. More efficiently.


Parent of 11th Grader who has used Clarifi for 6 months

"I have seen many improvements regarding Steven's routines…  His ADHD medication wears off when the school day is over.  The struggle is real to get him to focus after that, but I have seen dramatic improvements with Clarifi.  I am doing my best to have him work independently  and he has.

Parent of 10th Grader who has used Clarifi for a year

“With Clarifi, I don’t need to look over my daughter's shoulder every five minutes to make sure she is still doing her work. That means I can do other things when I get home from work.”

Parent of 8th Grader who has used Clarifi for 5 months

"It seems to put my daughter into a homework mindset, which as been nearly impossible to accomplish without this software. Also it's helping her get into a habit of committing to a specific time, AND thinking ahead about what is most important to accomplish that day.

Clarifi parents

89% of students complete homework more independently

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Bryan Dinner

CEO + Founder

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He was diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager. While daily math homework and long essays were certainly a struggle, his creativity and outside the box thinking were gifts that he would not have traded for anything in the world. Looking back at those middle and high school years, I wished I had a more access to Clarifi.

Bryan is a Jacobs Foundation Social Entrepreneur
Fellow, and graduated with a JD/MBA from the University of Pennsylvania in May. Prior to founding Clarifi, Bryan worked as a Consultant for Accenture’s top ranked Data Strategy group and as a Summer Associate for Kirkland & Ellis.


Bradley Levergood

CTO + Co-Founder

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Coming from his experience as a Lead Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he led teams of engineers in delivering solutions for security-sensitive federal government agencies. Bradley has deep experience rolling out secure systems.


Bringing extensive experience in technology development, he has built the Clarifi product and overseen its mix of part-time and full-time developers. Bradley is responsible for overseeing technological development for Clarifi. Bradley is also receiving his MBA at Darden and is working on Clarifi full time over the summer after being selected for the Darden incubator program.

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Melissa Dvorsky, Ph.D.

Research Design Lead

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Melissa is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the ADHD & Learning Differences Program at Children’s National Hospital and the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

She serves as the research advisor for Clarifi, supporting efforts to bring research to practice. She has been recognized for her leadership using technology to support adolescents with ADHD and executive functioning challenges, including being
selected as the Young Research Scientist of the Year for 2021 by CHADD, the leading national advocacy group for people with ADHD.




The Jacobs Foundation

Zurich, Switzerland

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AIM Academy

Conshohocken, PA


University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Venture Lab

Philadelphia, PA


University of Virginia, Darden Venture Studio

Charlottesville, VA

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