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More information for JST Coaches

Benefits of using Clarifi from efficacy study:

  1. Improved independent focus ability: 89% parents reported that their student required an adult present less often than before the trial

  2. Fewer homework issues: Statistically significant improvement of homework performance (using Homework Problems Checklist measure) and every parent reported their students had overall fewer homework related issues after using Clarifi

  3. Better academic outcomes: Majority of parents reported improved academic performance


How it will work for your students:

Signing up families: Once you sign up, you will receive two emails:

1. An informational email to forward to parents about Clarifi, so that they can learn more.

2. And an email link for you to sign up interested parents. 


Family onboarding: Once parents have registered by providing their information and their coach’s name and email, they will have reserved their child’s Clarifi spot and will soon receive an email to schedule an onboarding meeting with both parent and student present. When they schedule their one-hour onboarding session, they will be asked to provide their payment information through a secure online portal. In their one-hour onboarding session, a Clarifi team member will ensure that the student and parent both feel confident using the product by showing both how the app and parent portal website work, answering any question, and sitting with the student as they complete a 25-minute homework (or similar) piece of work. 


Coaching onboarding: Once the student has finished their first time using the app, the family and the coach will be sent an email summary and a request to schedule a 15-30 minute coaching onboarding meeting in two weeks time. In that session, the coach and student will review the student’s successes and opportunities for future success using the app by reviewing the student’s progress on the coaching portal website.


Cost: Subscription to Clarifi’s technology and premier support is $100 per month for families without JST affiliated coaches plus a one-time non-refundable onboarding fee of $60. The first month and the onboarding fee are paid when reserving the family onboarding session. JST affiliated coaches who have registered to reserve student seats by June 19th will receive discount codes that will give their families 30% off of the cost of the subscription ($70) and 100% off the onboarding fee.


Additional questions? Ask


More about the Clarifi team: Clarifi is an evidence-based education technology company founded by Bradley Levergood (CTO) and Bryan Dinner (CEO), who grew up with ADHD and received executive functioning coaching that transformed his life. Clarifi was developed and studied with funding from the Jacobs Foundation, a global education leader. Its efficacy study was conducted at AIM Academy, a leading learning differences lab school in Pennsylvania, and was run under the direction of Dr. Melissa Dvorsky, Ph.D. Dr. Dvorsky is CHADD’s 2021 Young Researcher of the Year and the Director of the ADHD & Learning Differences Program at Children's National Hospital and the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

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